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  About us

         Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Shandong, China, is a global starch sugar producer with stable sales on 5 continents. Dongxiao's products include dextrose monohydrate, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, sorbitol and erythritol. Famous for our top-ranking quality, Dongxiao provides finest, most healthy starch sugar products for markets of more than 80 countries around the world.

          Dongxiao company has grown to become the largest and most technologically advanced starch sugar manufacturer in China with the largest market share and export revenue.

          Strive to supply world-class products with best quality to the market, we never stop improving ourselves to meet the global market's updated needs. By offering our excellent quality products with a reasonable price, we benefit our customers and partners all over the world.

          Our mission "Dongxiao Biotechnology, dedicating ourselves to life sweet". Dongxiao supplies industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and is passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers.

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